I am a PhD student jointly at IRLab and PCS research groups at the University of Amsterdam. I am working on "High-performance user behaviour modeling in information retrieval", and I am supervised by Andrew Yates and Ana-Lucia Varbanescu.

I completed my Master's degree in digital electronic systems at Amirkabir Univeristy of Tehchnology, Tehran, Iran in 2020. My Master's thesis was about Persian language modeling using transformers. Before my master's, I finished my Bacheolors in electrical engineering at Amirkabir Univeristy of Technology in 2017.


Generally, I am interested in information retrieval at large scale. In particular, I am interested in on how users interact with search and recommender systems, and employ their interactions to enhance the user satisfaction. Previously, I have also worked on language modeling and reinforcement learning.

ParClick: A Scalable Algorithm for EM-based Click Models

Pooya Khandel, Ilya Markov, Andrew Yates, Ana-Lucia Varvanescu

SensorDrop: A Reinforcement Learning Framework for Communication Overhead Reduction on the

Pooya Khandel, Amir Hossein Rassafi , Vahid Pourahmadi , Saeed Sharifian , and Rong Zheng

arxiv 2019 / Paper

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